Transform customer frustration into profit

Line managment app

queue2020 uses text messaging and activity recommendations to create a pleasurable waiting experience for your customers and new revenue for your business.

Four ways queue drives your bottom line

Happy customers

Waiting in line is awful! Give your customers the freedom to wait where and how they want and you'll be rewarded with positive karma and higher frequency visits.

Reduced walkouts

queue2020 makes long waits tolerable increasing the amount of time customers are willing to wait for your product or service, resulting in fewer walkouts and longer peak periods.

Powerful marketing channel

queue2020 makes it easy to communicate promotions through automated text messaging. These messages are highly effective with a 99% read rate, 90% within three minutes of delivery.*
* source: SinglePoint whitepaper

New revenue

queue2020 enables businesses to earn additional revenue from referral fees when customers redeem exclusive discounts on local goods and services while waiting.

See queue in action

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a product demo is worth a billion. Just enter your mobile phone number and business name and we'll build a queue just for you.

How does Queue2020 actually work?

1. Check in

When customers arrive simply enter their information into queue2020 and a confirmation text message is automatically sent to the customer's mobile phone. This message is great opportunity to cross sell other products and services (e.g. your bar).

2. The wait

While waiting, your customers can check their progress by clicking the link in their confirmation message. By providing real-time status updates queue2020 eliminates much of the anxiety associated with waiting.

3. Return to store

When customers reach a designated point in queue (e.g. third) a return text message is automatically sent. This message can also be sent by pressing the green SMS button next to each customer. This is the perfect time to convey current promotions (e.g. new menu items).

4. Thank you

Two hours (adjustable) after your customers leave a thank you text message is automatically sent. This is ideal for encouraging social media sharing or opting into a promotional list.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then a product demo is worth a billion. Just enter your mobile phone number & business name and we'll build a queue just for you.

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The software

queue2020 is a web application which uses Twilio's SMS and voice messaging services to replace traditional pager systems, and an activity recommendation platform to extend exclusive discounts on local goods and services to "queue-ers" while they wait.

In less technical terms we are an app that encourages Lisa and Kerry to get discounted pedicures across the street while they wait virtually for brunch. We believe this presents a compelling value proposition for all three parties. The salon gets new customers, Lisa and Kerry get discounted pedicures, a more pleasurable waiting experience, and the restaurant gets a referral fee and happier customers.

The team

The queue2020 team met at the University of Michigan. Dave and Rishi attended undergrad together from 2000-2004 and have been close friends and entrepreneurial collaborators since. Dave, Ryan, and Emily attended graduate school together also at the University of Michigan (2009-2012) where they routinely worked together at startup events. The team currently resides in Chicago

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Dave is a native of New Jersey with a passion for the gym, tanning, and laundry as well as social entrepreneurship the focus of his graduate studies. Dave has successfully launched two startups, GreenPigeon TV and Detroit Treads. He also happens to be a standup comedian.

Time Activity
QueueID BusinessID name party size wait est. phone Status SortStatus

Queue2020's waitlist settings enable you to completely customize the language and timing of all automated text messages as well as the content of the real-time waitlist, the web page your customers see on their mobile phones. Be sure to save any changes before returning to the waitlist.

(#1) Check in

Automatically send check-in message

(#2) The wait


Greeting message

Show activity recommendations

Est. time Activity

Allow Queue2020 to suggest activities

(#3) Return to store

Automatically send return message

(#4) Thank you

Automatically send thank you message

We are very sorry but this feature is not available for trial packages. For more information please contact customer support at